Nobody Knows Me.

.Who's that girl?.

Tatiane or just Tati. Brazilian. 17. Not always happy with my life but not always sad about it either. Want to be a lawyer. Not afraid of say the things I'd like to say. Series addicted and music addicted too. You can add me if you want but please see if we have something in comon.

.Likes to...

House MD. Friends.V.Lost. Private Practice. Bones. Grey's Anatomy. The Good Wife. Glee. Lost. Dirt. Lie to Me. Cougar Town. Cold Case. Gossip Girl. Skins. E.R. Fringe. Three Rivers. Supernatural. Music: Madonna. Avril Lavigne. U2. Phoenix. Cher. Cyndi Lauper. The Strokes. The Beatles. The all american Rejects. Blink 182. Rolling Stones. Little Boots. Ke$ha. The Kooks. Death cab for Cutie. The Killers. Lily Allen. Plain White T's. Muse. Placebo. Radiohead. Metallica.


House and Cuddy. Brennan and Booth. Mark and Addison. Cal and Gillian. Addison and Sam. Pete and Violet. Madonna and Lisa Edelstein (nop HAHAHAHA)

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